Happy Easter! Thinking Differently.


This is how much I like Easter….I REALLY love Easter.  Easter in our house is bigger than Christmas.

You know why?  Because I didn’t use to see my girls for any other holiday (other than Halloween which often falls on a weekday and is not shared with family).

People always gasp when I say this and I explain that I agreed to this.  I didn’t have a large family at the time and I wanted the kids to keep the same traditions they had always had.  I feared change and every parenting book said they’d become serial killers if we didn’t have consistency.  I now know it’s all bullshit, but I didn’t know that then.

Regardless, I’ve learned to think differently….and I’m not just making the best of it.  I truly enjoy the traditions and way of life that we, as a family, have created.

I don’t need to make a big fuss over Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas morning.  We celebrate those when we feel like it.  In fact, making a huge celebration out of Easter means that I have less competition.  No one cares if you want Easter dinner at your house, no one complains that you saw this parent/family member for Thanksgiving so it MUST be our turn, etc.

When your children have multiple homes, you have to be creative.  Not the overused, “think outside the box”, but instead, think differently. It’s only a problem if you make it a problem.  Alternately, anytime can be a celebration.  We love making Christmas last an entire weekend.  It may be a week after Christmas but who cares?  We love having everyone over for Easter because most don’t have other obligations anyway.

Anything can be special if you make it so.  Pick a day.  Maybe in your house Wednesdays are special.  Maybe you have a water balloon fight every year on Secretaries’ Day.  Perhaps Boxing Day is popular in your home (no, I have no idea what that is but it’s on the calendar, and I don’t judge).  It doesn’t matter.  Your kids will remember traditions because they were important to you.  Not because Hallmark told you you needed to make it so.