The Anti-Resolution Year

Calvin Edited

Ten days into the New Year and it’s smooth sailing.  Why?  I refused to make resolutions this year.  It’s easy to live up to nothing.  I’m freaking amazing when doing what I always do.  Of course, there are things that could and should be improved.  Like maybe I should learn to walk in heels, exercise more, drink less, go on a starvation diet so I can fit into skinny jeans (Why? No one looks good in those!), not cuss so much, but really, who are we kidding?  I’m just trying to keep my head above water.

Since there are things that need to be improved, instead of resolutions, I made two lists.  One list is things I like and one is things I don’t like.  My decision was to do more of the first list and less of the second.  No, I’m not having an Office Space moment:

Office Space

Disclaimer:  Yes, “Office Space” jokes are outdated, but I like the movie and the main character is cute so I do it anyway.  😛

Seriously though, isn’t that what everyone wants?  To do more of what they like, and less of what they don’t?  I’ll give you the short versions so you can see what I discovered when writing them:

Things I like:

  1. One-on-one time with the girls
  2. Time with my sister and family
  3. Friends
  4. Karate
  5. Traveling
  6. Spin class
  7. Hot yoga
  8. The beach
  9. Writing
  10. Reading
  11. Good food and good wine

Things I don’t like:

  1. Being overwhelmed
  2. Ruining the following day with a hangover
  3. Feeling rushed
  4. Wasting too much time in front of the TV
  5. Money stress
  6. People encroaching on my time and space without asking

Seems straight forward right?  Here’s what I saw though;  I like my family, exercise (certain kinds), and relaxing (certain forms).  What I don’t like can all be solved by planning and saying no.  I quickly realized that, I have control over everything I don’t like.  I also don’t like bell peppers, but I can control my intake of those (and while I haven’t tried your recipe and while you may be a great cook, NO I won’t like them that way either).


~Cyanide and Happiness comic (so fucking funny you’ll pee you)

What does this have to do with co-parenting?  Maybe nothing, maybe everything.  But it does go along with my philosophy of being kinder to yourself and others.  Are you really going to start getting up at 4:00AM to go running only to realize halfway around the block, “oh wait, I hate this shit!”?  Maybe for a few weeks, but then you’ll feel like a failure when you stop, because you gave yourself a goal that you didn’t really want to do anyway.  Do things for yourself, not to yourself.  May this year be awesome, and if it isn’t awesome, may it not suck!  I’ll toast to that!