Here’s the thing, half the population is divorced.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t need another baby or parenting book (I get it: feed, clean shitty diaper, bathe when smelly, rock, don’t yell at or shake them, repeat).  What we need is real life information about how to raise our children in an environment that is not the “norm”.  It’s hard to institute parenting techniques when your kids spend a percentage of their time in a second home (it’s not impossible though and there are tools that work).  It needs to be addressed so, welcome to Personal Responsibility Co-Parenting (you’re welcome).

My mission is to teach you to co-parent better for the sake of your ankle biters (this is of course, after teaching the entire world manners, which is my other quest). I believe in personal responsibility, superior co-parenting, and putting children first.  Additionally, I believe you cannot do anything that you do not possess the tools for, so I will give you those too!  It’s OK to not have all the answers here and to NOT have it all figured out.  I’ll let you in on a little secret…no one does!

It is not your children’s fault that you have chosen not to reside with their other parent.  While your ex, baby’s momma/daddy, or just that person you brought home to pass the time may be an irresponsible, soul sucking, waste of a human, you have to suck it up.  After all, you still slept with them (even if it wasn’t good).  None of this is their fault.

Let’s get started.


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